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What is Cyber Security?

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We get questions all the time, so today we are taking a deep dive into the question “What is cyber security? Cyber security protects the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of a businesses’ networked systems in order to protect its data and services. Using a combination of human defense and technology we work to keep your information safe, private and accessible. While cyber attacks may seem unavoidable, their impact can be lessened with a comprehensive cyber security plan that includes protection of critical infrastructure and a disaster recovery plan.

Evolution of Cyber Security

In the early days of computing, the focus on cyber security was limited to protecting a company’s mainframe or computer system from external threats. Now we know that companies need network security as well data security and employee awareness training. Today, companies must protect their data both at rest (data being stored) and in motion (data being transferred), and employees are an important piece in the process of minimizing risk.

Why are Businesses at Risk?

With the increasing use of technology by businesses, more and more data is available online. Businesses need to understand the importance of cyber security and have the right security measures in place to protect their digital assets. With a large number of mobile devices and their applications being used for business transactions, ensuring that the data used by these devices is secure from cyber threats has become very important for businesses. Some of the ways businesses are at risk are

  • websites could be infected with malware or viruses that can corrupt your data or steal information from you and your customers
  • cyber criminals may deliberately try to gain unauthorized access to your computer systems to steal or misuse personal information you hold about your staff, customers or suppliers
  • vulnerabilities may exist in internet-connected devices that allow malicious attackers to take control of them

Why is Cyber Security Important for Your Business?

Cyber security is important because government, military, corporate, financial, and medical organizations collect, process, and store unprecedented amounts of data on computers, in the cloud, and on other devices. And, a significant portion of this data can be sensitive information.

Cyber security measures protect that information from theft or damage by controlling physical access to the hardware, as well as protecting against harm that may come via network access, data and code injection.

In this sense cyber security is a form of cyberterrorism and/or cyberwarfare. Cyber-attacks are a serious risk for businesses of all sizes. In fact, 60% of small companies go out of business within six months after a data breach. Most organizations have adopted some form of cyber security measures to guard against attacks—but businesses have to avoid becoming complacent about their security operations.

How Does Cyber Security Work?

With increasingly sophisticated hacking techniques, now more than ever businesses need to take steps to protect themselves from cyber attacks.

Cyber security for a business works through the partnership of that business and a cyber security and managed IT company like SkyViewTek. Cyber security includes monitoring of applications, processes, user practices and protection of systems from unauthorized access, disruption, or modification while maintaining the accessibility and usability of the system by its intended users. Working together with a cyber security company, businesses’ networks are monitored in real time, increasing cloud security, information security, application security and all other aspects of a company’s information system. In addition, it is important to keep cybersecurity top of mind with employees, since our services work in tandem with employees’ awareness and collaboration with IT. That’s why we provide our clients’ employees with training in the form of an annual training test, weekly training videos and quizzes, and regular lunch-and-learns.

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