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Small Business Computer Network Set Up and Design

Whether you are moving into a new office or expanding your operations, setting up and designing a new computer network is challenging. Your network is the heart of your business, which makes having a well-designed network vital. The team at SkyViewTek specializes in small business computer network set up and design. We offer many services for small and medium-sized businesses because we recognize the importance of a good and efficient computer network to a business.

Computer Network Design

Computer network design is based on various factors. Two important factors are described below.

Type of Network

One of the first considerations we make when designing your network is what type of network you need in the first place.

  • A Personal Area Network (PAN) is usually found in home offices or single rooms with only a few hardware items.
  • A Local Area Network (LAN) is typically used in office floors or even small office buildings.
  • Wide Area Networks (WAN) cover multiple offices that are in close proximity.
  • Virtual Private Networks (VPN) are great if you need your employees to access the network remotely.

All of these network options are carefully considered based on your needs and plans. Are you moving onto a new office floor, adding a new location, or are some of your employees working remotely? Whatever you need, we will design the proper network to maintain and improve your productivity.

Designing for Scale

We specialize in providing turn-key information technology solutions to businesses and we understand that small businesses can actually have a wide range of sizes. Some may only have 10 employees, while others may have close to 100. For this reason, when we start designing your new network, we emphasize scalability and the scope of your business operations. The size of your business has an effect on the number of PCs and other connected devices needed for your small business network setup.

But we know scalability means more than just how much hardware is needed. When we are tasked with a small business computer network set up, we design a network system that can scale with the business and handle growth. Our small business network designs are customized to both suit your current business needs and give you the flexibility to handle any changes. Whether you are expanding your current office space, moving to a new one, or even setting up a second or third location, we will design a network that performs to meet your needs.

Setting Up Your Network

Below are some of the ways our team can improve your small business network setup.
Network cards in a system

Hardware and Software

Setting up a small business network, especially one that is expanding to a new location, is going to require some new hardware and software. We procure and configure the networking hardware and equipment you need to get your new network operational.

Some of the hardware we can provide are switches and routers, PCs, mobile devices, and any other hardware items made by Microsoft, Dell, HP, and Lenovo. Configuring new software that enhances your productivity and scales with your network is one of the many services we offer.

Computer set up with yellow wires coming from one side-Small business computer network set up with SkyViewTek

Wiring, Wireless, and Cabling

Should you go wired or wireless? Every business owner asks that question, and every case is different. We understand that, and we take care to set up your office with an expertly designed computer network infrastructure. We will design the best setup for your business needs or evaluate your current setup. If you use a lot of mobile devices, or if you prioritize speed consistency, we work with you to design the best network for your business.

Sometimes additional wiring and cabling are needed, and we will make sure that these are set up properly. We will add more Ethernet cables, improve your wired connection, and perform any other wiring services you need. We will also connect wireless access points to your network to give you full Wi-Fi coverage and better signal strength.

blurred computer screen with lines of code on it -Cyber Security Company Helping Small Business-SkyViewTek

Computer Servers and NAS

While your network is the heart of your business, the server is the heart of your network. A server is the point of management for your network, allowing you greater control of your data storage. As such, your server has a big effect on your employees’ productivity. Running an under-powered server negatively affects your employees’ productivity, while a Dell study shows that keeping computer servers refreshed increases productivity and efficiency.

We will work with you to spec out the correct resources to keep your data safe and your server running smoothly. Deploying a Network Attached Storage (NAS device) will prevent data loss and quickly get your team up and running after any system malfunctions. When we are setting up a small business computer network, we take great care to make sure the network and servers are safe and secure.

Woman sitting at an office desk working | Cloud Solutions by SkyViewTek

Designing and Hosting Your Website

Expanding your business is a time of transition, one that makes it challenging to keep your day-to-day operations running smoothly. One of those tasks, hosting and maintaining your website, is one that is crucial. Having a consistent online presence and reliable internet connection today is vital. Fortunately, we have you covered. As we work with you to expand your business, we can design and host your website to make sure your online presence is always up and running for your audience. You can expand your business knowing that both your current and potential customers can access your site.

Contact SkyViewTek for Small Business Computer Network Set Up

Growing and expanding your small business is exciting, but does present many challenges. Computer networks are complex to design and set up, and our team has the experience and knowledge to build the right one for you. Small business computer network set up is one of our specialties. Learn more about our other services or contact us today to learn how we can design, set up, and improve your network.

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