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FAQs About IT Support and Consulting for Small to Medium-Sized Businesses

Business owners need IT support and consulting to ensure technological solutions that provide both efficiency and cyber security. A responsive IT company allows you to operate seamlessly, as an experienced technology and computer company can oversee your systems, maintain updates, and monitor suspicious activity. As the threat of security breaches increases, businesses need experts to evaluate the security of their network and implement backup plans. As a managed IT and cybersecurity company, we get a lot of questions. Today we discuss some of the common FAQs about IT support and consulting.

9 FAQs About IT Support and Consulting

Below are 9 top frequently asked questions about IT support and tech consulting.

1. What if my hard drive fails?

SkyViewTek ensures that you have a backup hard drive in the event of hard drive failure. We will also monitor your system on a regular basis so that we are prepared to restore service as soon as possible.

2. What if my small business network gets hacked?

SkyViewTek implements various virus and spyware programs, that in collaboration with a company’s employees, help reduce the risk of being hacked. If your computers do get hacked, Our team of specialists monitors the computer systems 24/7 and will be able to act quickly to prevent data loss. We work to minimize system downtime so that your business will be up and running again as soon as possible. Preparation and prevention are key to business security and continuity. We recommend regularly changing your passwords as an additional preventative measure. Check out more cyber security best practices here. (link to resources page)

3. What is Managed IT?

Managed IT refers to a host of IT services provided by an outside company. A managed IT company like SkyViewTek acts as your own outsourced IT Department. We collaborate with clients to make their jobs easier with a reliable and secure IT environment. With this collaboration, systems and data can be more secure, and employee productivity is increased due to trusted and knowledgeable specialists taking care of keeping the network up and running smoothly.

4. What if I lose power?

SkyViewTek offers continuous data backups and server backups to help you recover data quickly should there be a power outage.

5. What if my business was destroyed by a flood or fire?

SkyViewTek sets up external storage and off-site backup for our clients to protect their data and will back up data when necessary. We are focused on providing 99.99% uptime for our clients.

6. What is proactive monitoring?

Proactive monitoring is ongoing monitoring and remote support to keep businesses up and running. SkyViewTek offers two levels of proactive monitoring to our clients:

  • 8×5 Monitoring of Computers: 200+ monitoring points are checked for 8 business hours per day, 5 business days per week
  • 24/7 Monitoring of Servers

7. What if I am unfamiliar with using technology?

SkyViewTek’s IT consultants are happy to guide you and your team to choose and use technology as efficiently and securely as possible. We take the time to learn about your business’s specific needs and search for the best ways to use technology to streamline and meet your objectives.

8. How can businesses benefit from IT support and consulting services?

If a business is not involved in managed IT services as its main business, they likely lack the required talent to leverage technology for expansion. Employing and retaining high-value IT talent may be expensive, especially for small firms. A more affordable and reliable option is to select an experienced IT support and consulting firm to oversee your managed IT and cyber security.

9. What should I expect from SkyViewTek’s small business network set up?

Expert professional advice: Your network is the heart of your business, so having a well-designed network is vital. Our IT consulting firm will recommend the network and IT solutions that will benefit the company as a whole, and spec out the right resources to keep your server running smoothly and securely. We work with you to streamline IT, increase cyber security, and keep software and equipment up to date. A managed IT company like SkyViewTek will install necessary systems and offer support for continued management and updates. Furthermore, the IT company will train staff on how to use the system and assist should an issue arise.

Hardware and software implementation expertise: Setting up a small business network requires some combination of new hardware, software and wiring/cabling. We will evaluate an existing network setup or design a brand new set up to meet your company’s needs. We also procure the necessary equipment to install and implement to get your network operational. We will offer insight into the best methodologies for implementing projects, and emphasize scalability for our clients’ systems.

Policy formulation: Policies require a combination of expertise, market knowledge and a clear picture of where the company wants to be in the future. With IT being a core requirement for the success of today’s business, companies need to formulate credible IT policies to steer their mission and vision. IT consultancy firms can be of great help in coming up with actionable policies that reflect the business’s specific IT needs. For example, each year companies need to apply for business cyber insurance, and we are experienced with filling out the necessary documentation correctly so clients can get the insurance they need.

Provision of Services ‘as needed’
A running system could develop problems at any point. A company may have an in-house team to take care of small issues, but it is advisable to have a managed IT company who can be available to assist with regular maintenance and in the event of an emergency. This reduces the time the company may waste trying to troubleshoot on their own.

SkyViewTek also recommends regular maintenance of the systems for optimal performance. If we see areas where there could be improvements in terms of better streamlining or increased cyber security, we will make recommendations to our client.

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