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Cloud Solutions

The Cloud is the on-demand availability of computer resources without the users’ management, delivered over the internet. The Cloud provides the agility and availability of data centers and large computers located around the world, previously only available to large corporations, to the everyday user. Cloud solutions to everyday business needs are varied. 

SkyViewTek leverages the advantages of the Cloud to enable our clients to have access to data and services without investing and maintaining a physical infrastructure. For example, in the past you were required to have a dedicated server to host your company’s email. That meant purchasing, configuring, and maintaining a physical server in your office, which needed to be patched and updated, not to mentioned that it was dependent upon your building’s power being up and your Internet Service Provider (ISP) being up. Today with offerings like Microsoft Office 365 the infrastructure responsibility shifts to the Cloud, and SkyViewTek manages the environment for our clients, allowing access to email from anywhere in the world from any device. Microsoft takes the responsibility of having several redundant datacenters with multiple paths to the internet to ensure that your email is available 99.99999% of the time.

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Email is the most common example of using the Cloud, but there are many others:

Running an Application

We can setup a specific application you need for your business to run in the Cloud. For instance, if you need to use QuickBooks software (desktop edition) due to its functions not being available in QuickBooks Online, we can set it up so that you can securely access the software version from anywhere using the Internet. In addition, you may have been using the software version of a line-of-business application, and the software vendor has come out with a cloud version. We can work with you to manage the migration process with your vendor.

File Server

If your company needs a way to securely share documents, we can set up a virtual fileserver and have users map drives over a VPN (Virtual Private Network or remote) connection. It functions as if you were in the office using shared drives, but the information resides offsite in a secure data center.

Remote Desktops

If you are running older computers or want to take over complete control of your users’ desktop, we can setup virtual desktops, accessed over the Internet over a secure connection. The user logs in and uses a full Windows 10 desktop with all its functions and icons. Only the entire desktop resides on a server in a secure datacenter. This allows more control over what people run on their computers, and allows secure access to the same desktop they see at work, but from remote locations.


Voice over Internet Protocol is the modern way of decentralizing your phone system. VoIP is one of the best Cloud Solutions you can invest in for your business as it allows your workforce to not only work as it always did in the office, but also send and receive calls anywhere in the world using the Internet. In VoIP the phone system actually is in the Cloud and each phone connects to it over the web. This allows for a receptionist to work at one location and all employees to work at another location, or at home or on the road. Smart-phone applications also allow you to make outbound calls from your cell phone while showing your business main number.

Other Cloud Solutions

Of course you may not need to set up your own private cloud running your programs. We can also help you choose and implement a variety of pre-configured Cloud solutions that may be a good fit for your business.

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Trust SkyViewTek for IT and Cloud Solutions

Whatever your company’s networking challenges or workspace arrangements, SkyViewTek’s experts will help you determine exactly what solutions you need to keep your business running smoothly. We work with companies in Greater Philadelphia locations such as Bryn Mawr, Ardmore and Malvern. Contact us today to learn more about Cloud solutions, or for a consultation and individualized plan.  

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SkyViewTek is a full service Managed IT and Managed Security Company. Below are some resources to help you learn more about the services you can expect from us as well as why you may need them.