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Should the Cloud Be Part of Your Small Business Network Design?

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The Cloud has fundamentally reshaped the technological landscape, but with its many pros and cons and different vendors to choose from, is a cloud solution right for your small business network design and security needs? The Cloud is a collection of shared computing resources managed by third-party companies like SkyViewTek, Amazon, and Microsoft that make up a large portion of the internet today capable of replacing local server infrastructure.

While not having physical ownership of your business’s valuable data might sound scary, the cloud comes with a multitude of benefits to consider. When utilizing the cloud, you no longer need to own and maintain your own server infrastructure. And, with its built-in redundancy, you often face less downtime and remove the risk of environmental damage to your private network.

But while you still hold “ownership” of the data you store in the cloud, if your account gets locked or the company goes under you could lose that valuable data. You are also relying on your business’s internet connection to access the remote server resources. And while costs are often cheaper in the short term, your business’s budget and data are in hands of another company forcing you to absorb price increases with your data used as ransom.

Call SkyViewTek for Custom Solutions to Your Small Business Network Design and IT Needs

We know the decision to utilize a cloud solution as part of your small business network design can be overwhelming so if you are struggling to decide whether the cloud is the right for you, let the professionals at SkyViewTek engineer a solution custom-tailored for your business’s needs. Using the latest cutting-edge technology, we can provide your business with a redundant, reliable, and cost-effective solution, so if you are struggling, contact us at and an expert IT advisor will be in touch.