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Do You Need an IT Consultant? Check Out This 10-item Checklist to Choose the Right One for Your Business

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Today, with the opportunities generated by the digital transformation in companies, a new technology seems to come out every day. If you want your business to stay competitive, you need to keep up with the latest technologies and find out if your business really needs them. Before your competitors do it! Nothing is worse than a company with an outdated hardware and software infrastructure. In addition to serious security and service level issues (how often do your servers go down in a month?) your employee and business productivity can plummet!

But how do you know which technologies are really going to make a difference to your business and which are just fads? If your company’s core business is not in technology, you may not have the specialized staff to answer these questions properly. This is where an IT consultant’s experience and knowledge can greatly help your organization. In this post, you will learn what exactly an IT consultant does and how to choose the right IT consultant (or an IT consulting company) for your business.

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What does an IT Consultant do anyway?

If you think an IT consultant will simply point you to some software and hardware to replace the ones you already use, you are underestimating the incredible potential of these professionals.
Software and hardware are just the tools that your IT consultant uses to help your business achieve its best results. We can define what an IT consultant does as follows:
An IT consultant must deeply understand his client’s business to diagnose how information technology can help that company achieve its strategic goals and develop a sustainable competitive advantage to outperform its competitors.

But how does this translate to the everyday work in your company? Here are the kinds of services you can expect from an IT consultant:

  • Operating System Migrations
  • Computer Network Monitoring
  • Cloud Solutions
  • New Office Configurations and Moves
  • Help Desk Services and Technical Support
  • Cyber Security Solutions (antivirus, encryption, firewall and backup)
  • Wired and Wireless Network Configuration
  • Software Deployment
  • Virtualization and Data Recovery
  • Information Archiving and Compliance Management
  • Computer and Server Configurations

The goal will always be to reduce risks related to the use of technology in your company and provide equipment and software that ensure high productivity for your employees. Learn more: 7 Cybersecurity Tools for Small Business

But how do you choose the right IT Consultant for your business?

If you don’t know what criteria to use when choosing a good IT consultant (or company), take a look at this checklist with the 10 most important points to consider:

  1. What is the level of their technical knowledge?
    This is a very important point. You and your staff must be prepared to assess the consultant’s technical knowledge and consider whether it is sufficient to serve your business.
  2. Do they have a good array of solutions to offer your company?
    A good repertoire of solutions is a plus point for any IT consultant. Professionals limited to a few skills have difficulty solving IT organizational challenges completely and definitively.
  3. Does he (or the company) have the capacity to understand the challenges of your business?
    No matter how much skill they have and the technical capacity they demonstrate, if IT consultants are unable to understand your business, they will not be able to offer the best solutions to your problems.
  4. Does the company or consultant have a good reputation?
    What is the reputation of the company or consultant? Check references and reviews before signing up with them.
  5. Who are their current customers?
    If your IT consultant has clients who are well-established and well-known in your line of business, this is a sign of their competence.
  6. Does this IT consultant “speak your language?”
    Nothing is worse than IT consultants who only speak incomprehensible technical jargon. Look for a professional who works transparently and makes your company understand exactly what is being done by him in your business.
  7. What is their response time for technical calls or issues?
    If you need emergency assistance, what is the timeframe and SLA set by your IT consultant to serve your business? Make sure it meets your needs.
  8. Do they have an innovative and creative attitude to solve challenges?
    Creativity is fundamental for those who want efficient and fast IT solutions. Ask what innovative projects the consultant has done.
  9. What is their level of experience with companies like yours?
    Does your business have any special characteristics that require differentiated knowledge? Analyze whether your IT vendor will be able to meet this demand and if they have worked with companies like yours.
  10. Are their rates affordable?
    Finally, be sure to evaluate rates and costs and make sure they are compatible with your budget. There is no point in hiring an incredible IT consultant if you compromise your finances to pay for it. Also do not pick a consultant because their rates are the lowest. You get what you pay for!

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Of course, it will be very difficult to find an IT consultant or a company that meets all these criteria. However, the more of them that they can check off, the better. SkyViewTek is a company focused on providing proactive IT service management, so your business can always experience the best uptime and productivity. Want more information about SkyViewTek? Reach out to us today!