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Why data loss prevention should be a top priority for your small business

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Your stomach drops, as you realize that decades of precious family photos, important financial documents, and personal project files are gone forever. Anyone who has ever lost their data knows that devastating feeling, a strong feeling of loss and regret knowing that the situation could have been simply avoided.

Whether it’s hardware failure, natural disaster, malicious malware, operating system corruption, or simply human error, data loss is still way too common in today’s world. Unlike a broken vase, data is almost impossible to repair and recover in most cases so redundantly backing up your data is an absolute necessity.

Data Backup Methods

Below we have laid out the main three methods of backing up data for data loss prevention.

Local Offline Backups

Local offline backups are often in the form of external hard drives used for manually backing up important data on a per-computer basis. While it is often convenient and affordable, since they are physically connected to the original data in question they are vulnerable to natural disasters and malware.

Network Attached Storage

Network attached storage is often in the form of multiple, redundant, privately owned servers used to automatically backup data from devices connected to the network. Configured and designed correctly, this is an almost perfect solution, though it can come with a larger price tag.

Online Cloud Backup Services

Online cloud backup services are often in the form of monthly service subscriptions to a third-party provider automatically backing up computer data to multiple offsite servers, often referred to as “the cloud.” This data loss prevention solution often provides the advantages of privately owned servers but does come with the stipulation of trusting a third party with your possibly sensitive data.

The main mistake many individuals and small businesses make is only employing one of the methods above. No single solution is perfect, so it is imperative that you use multiple of the solutions above to ensure the safety of your data.

Contact SkyViewTek to Learn About Option for Data Loss Prevention

Now, if this all seems too difficult and not worth your valuable time, lucky for you, we here at SkyViewTek are experts in data loss prevention! We provide enterprise tools, hybrid redundant solutions, and decades of experience to our clients to keep their priceless data safe and secure. If you are concerned about your business’s current data loss prevention systems, please send us an email at and an expert advisor will be in touch.