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Power Outages And Backup Plans

Power Outages & Backup Plans

Many of us in the Greater Philadelphia area are waking up to this scene, causing power outages. But that does not mean your SMB office should be down and non-functioning. SkyViewTek offers our small business clients with failover or redundancy…

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What Does An IT Consultant Do? How Do You Choose One? | SkyViewTek

Do You Need an IT Consultant? Check Out This 10-item Checklist to Choose the Right One for Your Business

Today, with the opportunities generated by the digital transformation in companies, a new technology seems to come out every day. If you want your business to stay competitive, you need to keep up with the latest technologies and find out if your business really needs them. Before your competitors do it! Nothing is worse than a company with an outdated hardware and software infrastructure. In addition to serious security and service level issues (how often do your servers go down in a month?) your employee and business productivity can plummet!

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Microsoft Windows 10 Flaw

NSA Discovers Major Windows 10 Flaw

The US National Security Agency (NSA) discovered a serious flaw in Windows 10 that could expose users to surveillance or serious data breaches. The NSA confirmed that the vulnerability affects Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016 and 2019, for which…

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SkyViewTek Team - Pictured From Left To Right: Eric Gibbs, Susan Dykas, Kitsi Cox, Andrea Blenk, And Bernie Orglmeister

Our Team at SkyViewTek

The SkyViewTek IT Support and Consulting team has expanded to help meet the growing needs of our small business clients across Greater Philadelphia. Pictured from left to right: Eric Gibbs, Help Desk Support; Susan Dykas, Operations; Kitsi Cox, Scheduler; Andrea…

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SkyViewTek Discusses How To Avoid Spear Phishing Emails

Spear Phishing E-Mails: my email was hacked!

Spear phishing is an email-spoofing attack that targets a specific organization or individual, seeking unauthorized access to sensitive information. Spear-phishing attempts are not typically initiated by random hackers, but are more likely to be conducted by perpetrators out for financial…

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SkyViewTek Proactive Monitoring Services With Unlimited Remote Support

Unlimited Remote Support

Small to mid-sized business (SMB) owners can focus on growing and managing their company while we at SkyViewTek keep their computer network up and running 99% of the time while minimizing cybersecurity risks. This keeps SMB employees more productive and…

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Windows 7 End Of Life

Microsoft Ends Support for Windows 7

Microsoft will stop providing support and security patches for the Windows 7 operating system, the workhorse of the industry, effective January 2020. Microsoft calls this “end of life.” In regulated industries like financial and medical fields, any computer running Windows…

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Outlook Prompt For Username And Password | SkyViewTek

Outlook Prompts for Password

Is your Outlook prompting you constantly to type in your username and password? This may be due to a recent Microsoft update. GOOD NEWS - there is a fix! Please contact us for help at 610-590-5006 or read this article.…

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