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Tek Tips

We hear questions every week about technical issues from our clients, and we know that all smart business owners are concerned about their technology and security. So we are introducing Tek Tips! Each month we will release new tech tips to help business owners be proactive about these issues.

If the tips raise questions, give us a call! Our managed IT services allow businesses to augment or delegate their IT operations to a specialized, third-party organization so that business owners and executives can focus on running and growing the business. 

Get The Latest Tek Tips from SkyViewTek

  • Ever heard of an Advanced Persistent Threat (APT)? This is a long-term cyber attack where a hidden hacker targets an organization. Stay informed about APTs and protect your network. 
  • Protect your devices from malicious software with reliable antivirus (AV) software. Learn how AV software identifies and isolates threats to keep your systems secure. 
  • Do you know about cybersecurity insurance? Safeguard your business and finances from Cyberattacks with this important coverage. Learn  about cyberinsurance assessments that take place each year.
  • Explore the benefits of Cloud computing, such as flexible access to servers, databases, and more. Contact us to find out how this can boost your business productivity.
  • Firewalls play a crucial role in network security by monitoring and controlling incoming and outgoing traffic. Discover how they protect your data from unauthorized access.
  • Is your business prepared for disasters? Learn about Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR) strategies to minimize downtime and financial loss.
  • Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies offer flexibility but can introduce security risks. Find out how to balance convenience and protection for your company.
  • Stay ahead of cyber threats with regular vulnerability management that can help you identify and patch system weaknesses.

Partner With SkyViewTek

Hopefully these tech tips will help you, but chances are, you need more than tips as a business owner. If you are running a business with 25 to 300 employees, we can help.  Contact us to learn how you can get an experienced partner who can handle your day to day technical issues, monitor your systems 24/7, and help train your employees to help avoid cybersecurity breaches. 

Looking for a Technology and Computer Company That  You Can Count On?

Learn How Our Tech Solutions Can Improve Your Office Productivity.

Helpful Resources

SkyViewTek is a full services Managed IT and Managed Security Company. Below are some resources to help you learn more about the services you can expect from us as well as why you may need them.