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If Your Internet Goes Down: Troubleshooting Techniques

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Now with (some) snow here, we thought we would share some troubleshooting techniques in case your Internet goes down.

  1. Don’t laugh, but is the power on? Is your computer powered up, is your Internet Service Provider (ISP), such as Comcast / FIOS / RCN) powered up?
  2. Ok, everything is up but I can’t connect. Reboot your firewall if you have one, and then your computer.
  3. If you have FIOS, you may need to disconnect the battery for your Optical Network Terminal (ONT) and power it off and back on.
  4. Finally, your provider may be experiencing an outage. Call their support number and register a complaint. If they take days to get back up, you may be able to claim a refund. FIOS Support is 800.837.4966 and Comcast 800.934.6489.
  5. Most of all, talk to us AHEAD of time to plan for a backup. If having your Internet up and running is a primary concern for your business, we can help you with services such as failover and redundancy solutions, UPS backups, and generators.

For more troubleshooting techniques or information, contact us at 610.590.5006.