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Protect Your Business’ Sensitive Data

97% of Data Breaches Could Have Been Prevented With Today’s Technology

As a business owner, are you still unconvinced that you need cyber security services? Consider that 1 in 5 small businesses will suffer a cyber breach this year. Partnering with internet security companies like SkyViewTek can help you reduce the chances that your company will be one of the 20% that is victimized by cyber threats or cyber breaches. 

A well-designed security architecture not only considers security risks and mitigations but also includes the blending of people, processes, and technology. It is no longer up to I.T. only to minimize digital security risks – it’s truly a team effort with employees and management teams included.

SkyViewTek cybersecurity specialists collaborate with a company’s employees and management teams to develop a plan for cyber security management. That collaboration is an ongoing effort. SkyViewTek educates staff about best practices to reduce basic cyber security vulnerabilities. This education is more vitally important than ever because so many businesses are utilizing remote or hybrid workplace models. This practice requires employees to use their own home networks when handling company data, and those networks may be less secure.

Free Cyber Security Assessment With SkyViewTek

SVT Managed IT Services Include Cyber Security

According to a survey by CompTIA, 50% of companies who engaged a MSP saved 1-24% in annual IT costs, 33% saved 25-49%, while 13% reported savings of more than 50%.

As a business owner, you need to be able to focus on the day-to-day activities and long-term strategy to stay profitable.  Partnering with SkyViewTek IT Support and cyber security experts for IT Support and business consulting will alleviate some of the IT headaches like keeping your computer network  up and running and secure.

If you want your business to succeed, you have to consider IT and cyber network security or information security a necessity rather than an afterthought or unnecessary expense.

SkyViewTek specializes in proactive monitoring and Managed IT Services for businesses with 10 to 100 employees to reduce risks, including cybersecurity, while implementing a business continuity plan in the event of an incident.

What Our Clients Say

Bernie and his crew provide excellent, prompt and knowledgeable service. I highly recommend them to any business for worry free IT support. 
John G.

Contact SkyViewTek today to get a FREE MANAGED IT ASSESSMENT and learn more about how professional IT Support and Consulting Services can help increase productivity and security for your business.

SkyViewTek offers the convenience of a local information technology consulting company with international experience. A select listing of the IT Support and Consulting services we offer are:

SkyViewTek’s IT Support and Consulting Services

Computer Network Setup

Small Business Computer Network Setup

We listen to your needs and create the ideal network setup.

SkyViewTek IT Support and Consulting Company assists with cyber security concerns

Cyber Security

We protect your data and network through multi-layer processes.

SkyViewTek IT Support and Consulting Company offers assistance with cloud computing

Cloud Solutions

We have several solutions for hosting your data in the cloud, from cloud computing applications to whole server farms.

SkyViewTek IT Support and Consulting Company offers managed IT services

Managed IT Services

We check 200+ monitoring points every business day.

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