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Wide Area Network and VoIP phones


Global Plastics Manufacturer was expanding to a second location and needed advice and expertise in creating a WAN (Wide Area Network) that accommodated its ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system across both locations. In addition, the Client needed a solution for its telecommunications platform, as the existing PBX (Private Branch Exchange) was over 10 years old and not scalable.

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SkyViewTek engineered a roadmap for the migration, configuring the WAN with a VPN (Virtual Private Network) for connecting the Client’s two locations. After extensive testing, the ERP system was adapted to operate in a Remote Desktop environment. SkyViewTek also migrated the Client to a hosted PBX solution (VoIP phone system on the “Cloud”), allowing both locations to function seamlessly as one.

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Both locations are able to access the ERP system and function as one, seamless organization. The hosted telephony (VoIP on the “Cloud”) solution also contributed to the Client’s Disaster Recovery by enabling employees to answer phone calls from any location, even when the main site is offline, improving their overall recovery management.

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