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Multi-Office Setup and Proactive Monitoring


A regional healthcare provider needed to centralize the operations of four office locations while migrating to a paperless environment in order to meet federal government HIPAA requirements and streamline operations.  All offices were running independent databases and software versions.  Because of deadlines set by the government, the client’s four offices needed to be on the same platform within three months.

regional healthcare provider IT solutions


SkyViewTek negotiated with network providers, configuring and deploying a site-to-site VPN, procuring and installing a centralized server, and managing the migration of four databases into one. SkyViewTek set up the IT infrastructure that enabled the Client’s employees, across all offices, to scan remotely into one centralized server.

regional healthcare provider IT performance


The Client’s four offices now access the centralized database over a secure VPN and are able to function as one, seamless organization, with each office now able to access patient data and make appointments for any office. Centralization of the client’s four offices was accomplished within the tight time constraint and under budget, despite complications arising from the software vendor’s lack of transparency. In addition, the client subscribes to our Proactive Monitoring to help ensure a smooth-running computer network.

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